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Let’s meet Jenica & Notely! 

Thoughtfully designed stationery built with form, functionality and sustainability in mind.

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Notely - Australian Made sustainable stationery and notebooks

Notely is an artisan Australian made stationery producer committed to the safe and sustainable creation of beautiful notebooks and stationery in Brisbane, Australia. 

This week, we sit down with Jenica to discuss her art and passion, and we bring you some amazing deals on her beautiful work, which make for great gifts for friends, family, your workspace, and your home.

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Our Interview with Notely:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and tell us a little bit about Notely.

Well, I started Notely about five or six years ago. Being a graphic designer, I’ve always loved paper, colour and print, and I’ve always dabbled in my own art. I was running a design blog, and I’d get to connect with lots of different artists around the Brisbane, local creative community. I wanted to create something with them and make a product or something that we could collaborate on together. I started thinking about this concept of that collaboration, and it turned into what Notley is today.

That’s so nice to hear. Can you tell us a little more about the creative process and the fusion of art and creating a tangible product like your Australian Made stationery, journals and notebooks?

After about 15 years of working as a graphic and digital designer, everything I created was to a client’s brief, digital and always to ridiculous deadlines. I started to want to step away from the screen and find ways to carry on my art or a creative project that would allow me to be working with something tangible and something non-digital. 

Notely came out of this love I have for journaling and a love for playing with designs and having something tactile in my hands. I thought, how could I work with these artists and create something like a journal, something that we’re all very proud of, that we can then send out into someone’s life to inspire them for their life, whether that be to help them work through times in their life, or just in journalling itself.

A lot of Notelys designs take inspiration from Australian Botanicals and native flora. Why is that so important to the Notely brand?

Most stationery that expresses Australian native flora and fauna on the market is actually made overseas, so it was really important for our range to be Australian Made stationery. 

My own artwork that I’ve brought into the range is a lot of watercolour pencil designs. I draw a lot of my inspiration for these designs from bushwalks, where I collect and find little cuttings of things that I decided that I’d like to draw. I love that kind of still life aspect of it. I like to work with the influence of an artist’s style and see how they can bring a new flavour to the range.

This includes the fern designs working with Tiffany Adkin, the Brisbane artist and illustrator, and Tom Stewart’s creations, a mixed media artist from the Sunshine Coast. I met Tom years ago in the design industry through my blog, and he’s been a great artist to work with.

Your work sees you spending a lot of time working with local artists, designers and stockists. Let’s talk a little bit about that. 

It’s a core part of Notely. I like and do really love collaborating with people. When I’m working with an artist, I like to bring them on board with what we stand for as a brand and the kind of [Australian Made stationery] we already have in the range. I like to talk them through our vision, how we could get there, and how their designs and artwork fit into the bigger picture of Notely. 

When I came across Sarah Turner’s artwork, she’d moved out here from the UK. She’s got a beautiful illustrative style with gorgeous florals. Sarah was a dream to work with, and we’ve brought many new pieces into the range because her style has evolved into different pieces over lots of different surfaces. 

Because many of our stockists are plant stores, florists, and little boutiques, their audience love her florals and botanicals. Hers was a key collection for us in growing some of the products we offer. We extended up to A4 notebooks set for the first time, and Sarah’s designs lended themselves to lots of different services, which was great for expanding her range within our collection.

Sustainable practices are another core part of Notely. Tell us a little more about that. 

One of our Notley values is to have as little and as light a footprint on the environment as possible. When planning which suppliers we work with, we work with a lot of local suppliers that are within close distance so that there’s not a long-distance our supplies need to travel before our product gets into the market. We always try to strategize and work out how can we keep this process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Wonderful! Finally, let’s talk about your customers and the engagement you have with them. What feedback you get from customers, and what do they love about the Notely brand?

Ok. I really love getting feedback from customers that how much they love the range or that they love that we’re locally made. With COVID last year, I had many people reach out to me to say that they were only shopping small, locally made, Australian made products last year to support our local economy and the businesses that had struggled through the year. It made my heart sing when I had friends and customers reach out to say that they were shopping for Noetely journals, card sets for Mum and Nan, and those types of gifts that are being sent to loved ones. 

I can happily say that I know the artists behind this [Australian Made stationery] range, and I know that they are made here in Brisbane. That really is the reason I do it, and I love that. We can be making something that we’re really proud of, with both the artists expanding their work range and having something tangible that they can show for it and something our artists can give to people and say that I’ve worked with this local brand and this is what we’ve created.

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