Frequently asked questions

About us

What is Australian Alternative?

Well – Where do we start?

Australian Alternative features daily deals to the public on Australian made products.

We know that Aussies absolutely love two things:
1. Australians love to support Australian made where possible, and
2. Australians love getting a great deal.

As a rule of thumb, all our deals are only available for a limited time and can sell out
based on how popular the deal is. We aim to work with Australias’ best retailers and
manufacturers to ensure that Australian makers get their products sold and you end up
with a quality product at a great price.

How do you source your deals?
We’ve developed relationships with retailers and directly with manufacturers, to ensure
that our visitors get access to the very best deals from across Australia. Some of these
may be deals we find ourselves, and many of these deals will be by those posted by vendors.
What makes you different from other deals sites like Groupon or OzBargain?

What makes us different from other online marketplaces and deals sites is our sincere
focus on Australian made. We understand that, when it comes to your purchasing
decisions, you buy so much more than just a product itself. The importance of buying
Australian made has never been more important, and we want to ensure that we can
bring great deals to as many Australians as possible. Besides, with education being a
core part of our ethos, we aim to bring you transparent information on all things
Australian made, owned, and grown.


I’m a business – how do I upload my deals?

All you need to do to upload a deal is create an account, fill in your details, and follow
the prompts – simple! Visit our Submit a deal page for more information.

Do I need to pay Australian Alternative to upload my deals?

No. Businesses do not pay us to post deals, and we intend to keep it that way.

We may, however, receive a small commission on the purchases visitors make through our site.

What deals can I post?

You can post any deal that complies and meets the following conditions:

And, of course:

Will my deal be immediately posted once I submit it?

Before your deal is uploaded, it will be first assessed based on a number of our
variables. Once we’re satisfied, we will go ahead and upload your deal, or we will follow-
up by asking you for some additional details.