Be More Sustainable with an Australian Alternative

Be More Sustainable with an Australian Alternative

In light of 2020, it’s apparent that the Australian economy is far too reliant on imported goods. Although globalisation has brought myriad cultures together and resulted in all kinds of technological and creative advancement, it’s had some significant drawbacks. For one, CO2 emissions from freight account for thirty per cent of all transport-related emissions from fuel combustion! Just to transport goods around the world! Of course, we all need goods and services to live comfortable lives, but perhaps it’s time to look for an Australian alternative, at least for the sake of the environment. 

Why move away from imported goods?  

Australian manufacturers and farmers make some of the best products in the world. We have extremely high standards for quality, safety, and sustainability compared to other major competitors. As such, buying an Australian Made product not only supports the local economy, but it suggests to major corporations that Aussies care about environmental sustainability. 

We all try to do the right thing, and our personal commitment to the environment is important. What works even better, though, is using your dollar to hit the manufacturers where it hurts. Money talks, as they say, and you can send a powerful message by buying an Australian alternative rather than a cheaply-made imported product. 

Why buy an Australian alternative instead? 

The Australian agricultural industry operates under some of the most strict environmental regulations in the world. The most recent State of the Environment report states that Australia has made noticeable improvements to land management and manufacturing processes countrywide. This means that products made or processed in Australia are subject to high standards of sustainability. Therefore it’s likely that fewer emissions were created by manufacturing the selfsame products. Furthermore, our distribution channels consume less energy in transporting the goods. Rather than shipping them across oceans or skies, an Australian alternative is merely shipped across the country, as needed. 

The Economic Impact of Having an Impact 

Interestingly, and pleasingly, Australian investors are backing more and more “impact startups”. Over the past five years, nearly half of the impact startups that secured financial backing are focused on environmental sustainability. So states the Impact Startups Benchmark Report compiled in 2021 by Giant Leap Ventures. 

A businesses social and environmental impact is becoming more of a contributing factor for investors when choosing who to support financially. Better yet is that this trend is in keeping with growing consumer and employee demand for products and services from socially and environmentally progressive brands. 

Considerations for Choosing an Australian Alternative 

It would be misleading to say that a product’s country of origin is the only important factor to figure out environmental performance. Consumers should measure their chosen Australian alternative against independent ISO compliant eco-labels and environmental product declarations. These measures are key to choosing sustainable products and not falling for a “greenwashing” campaign. 

Eco-labels and green certifications are great for making quick decisions. Just be sure that the certification organisations are robust. To help you understand what greenwashing is, why it’s so harmful, and how to spot it, we’ve curated an awesome article by sustainability provocateur and educator Leyla Acaroglu. This is a comprehensive guide to greenwashing, why it’s harmful and how to spot it. 

You should also consult the Australian Government website for more information on finding and verifying sustainable products. There are several guides to choosing environmentally friendly alternatives here for you to use at your discretion. 

Find an Australian Alternative that Supports Your Values 

Our mission at Australian Alternative is to uplift local businesses by connecting them with consumers with a passion for Australian Made products. Many of our deals will focus on products and services with environmental sustainability at their core. Moreover, there are many benefits to buying Australian Made, once you think about it. Stay tuned to our Browse Deals page for unique and one-off deals on the best Australian products on the market. You never know when you’ll get to try an Australian alternative to your most commonly imported products! Make the choice and make a change with your dollars, today. 


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