Why It Pays to Shop Australian Made and Owned

Why It Pays to Shop Australian Made and Owned

You know the green and gold symbol well. You can easily identify Australian made and owned businesses and their products on account of the coveted Australian Made, Australian Grown logo. It’s the true mark of authenticity that sets one Aussie brand apart from the next. But, what purpose does it serve beyond that? 

Well, Australians are increasingly concerned about where their products come from, and who is benefitting when they hand over their hard-earned dollar. Furthermore, there are inherent benefits to buying Australian made and owned. 

You may not realise it, but the Australian Made logo certifies that a product is totally or mostly processed in Australia. Because of strenuous regulations around quality, safety and environmentalism, choosing to buy Australian made and owned benefits you, the Australian economy, and the environment.

Buy an Australian Alternative for Better Quality 

When you choose Australian made and owned alternatives, you ensure that your choice of product is of the highest standard. Australia has famously high standards for safety and quality assurance. So, it follows that a certified Australian alternative beats out its international competitors in overall quality.

This is because products bearing the Australian Made logo must be significantly transformed, processed, or manufactured here in Australia. You can learn more about these terms here. What that means is that certified products were subject to national safety and quality assurance regulations. When you choose to buy Australian made and owned, you’re choosing to buy safer, higher quality, more trustworthy products. 

Support the Australian Economy with Your Choices 

Importantly, buying an Australian alternative to a mass-produced product directly supports the Australian economy. Your product choice supports jobs and economic development in Australia. It also delivers a wealth of positive outcomes to families across the country. 

In fact, the Australian Made Campaign launched a new initiative that states, “It’s never been more important to buy Australian than right now”. The campaign encourages Aussies to buy Australian made and owned, aiding our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A recent article on the Australian Made website states that trade during the pandemic highlights Australia’s “over-reliance on imported products”. To strengthen our local manufacturing capabilities, we have to direct our dollars into the hands of local organisations. 

Make Ethical Choices with Australian Made and Owned

Australians want to put their money to work by making ethical choices, from the supermarket to social media ads. Results of a multigenerational survey launched in Sydney this past February showed that most people look for Australian Made certification when choosing products. When asked why, respondents said that the logo is “a proxy for ethical labour practices”. 

The same survey found that people look for sustainably made products regardless of their salary bracket. It’s heartening to see that a wide range of people care deeply about sustainability and want to effect change by being selective with their consumption. Interestingly, manufacturers are motivated to be more sustainable as one in three people are prepared to pay more for an ethically made product. 

Lastly, and logistically, buying Australian made and owned reduces greenhouse gas emissions. That’s because the products are transformed, processed or manufactured right here in Australia! 

Benefit from Australian Made and Owned Guarantees 

When you buy an Australian alternative you rest assured that you’re protected from the common product pitfalls. Buying Australian made and owned guarantees you the following protections, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: 

Products must be of acceptable quality, meaning: 

  • Safe, made to last, and without faults 
  • Look acceptable 
  • Do all the things they’d reasonably be expected to do 

Several guarantees govern products and services consumed in Australia. You can learn more about these consumer guarantees on the ACCC website. Generally, though, you’re entitled to products that perform like the maker promises, don’t carry any hidden debts or charges, and are serviceable or reparable for a reasonable time. Services are similarly protected; you’re entitled to services that are carried out with acceptable care and skill, produce the desired results, and are delivered within a reasonable time. 

Tips for Buying Australian Made and Owned 

If you’re concerned about the “added cost” of buying Australian made and owned, allow us to allay your fears. There are a couple of tips to find an Australian alternative that’s within your budget: 

  • Shop around. Visit a few different vendors in different suburbs to compare price, quality, guarantees and the like. 
  • Keep an eye out for specials, particularly in-store. Retailers in particular often advertise sales after major holidays and before season changes. 
  • Buy when you can, not when you need to. This empowers you with more time to find the right Australian alternative within your budget. If you’re pressed for time, you might go with the first (possibly more costly) product you find. 

What do you say, can you commit to uplifting Australia from within? There are so many local businesses in need of your support. When we use our dollars diligently, we make our money talk. Uncaring corporations drive the worst of climate change and unethical practice in manufacturing. Using a paper straw is always the best practice, but an even better practice is to hit the corporations where they hurt: their bottom lines. Make an effort to find an Australian alternative for your favourite products and let’s try to turn the tides. After all, we are custodians of this beautiful place we call home. 

Learn more about the Australian Alternative story and who we are. We aim to uplift Australian makers, manufacturers and farmers by connecting them with conscious consumers. Do you want to join us on our journey to make Australian Made the next big thing?


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