The Australian Alternative Story: Who We Are

Our story is one of vision and perseverance, driven by the desire to uplift local communities and support Aussie businesses nationwide. Our name encapsulates what we do: we want to connect people across the country with an exceptional Australian alternative to the cheaply-made international product they need to replace. Most Aussies want to buy products made here in Australia, and we aim to connect them with the local businesses that are producing exactly what they need.

We’re making a commitment to Australian consumers, putting them in touch with great deals from genuinely Australian brands. Together, we aim to create a healthy local economy enriched by a love for Australian made goods. 

The Purpose of Australian Alternative 

Essentially, Australian Alternative aims to connect Aussies with great deals on high-quality Australian made products. Our e-commerce platform uplifts local businesses and strengthens domestic manufacturing. On the whole, Australian manufacturing is on the decline, and our country is currently heavily reliant on imported goods (something that 2020 threw into sharp relief). The purpose of Australian Alternative is to help domestic goods reclaim the retail landscape.

We know, though, that doing so depends on the Australian consumer. The good news is that most Australians want to buy locally made products, and are even willing to spend a little bit more to claim them. The bad news is that there aren’t many platforms promoting Australian Made products in a thoughtful and accessible way. The best news is that Australian Alternative is turning the marketplace around. 

Our Mission and Vision for Australia  

There are a couple of barriers to boosting Australian made products, namely: pricing, distribution, and accessibility. The Australian Alternative mission is to overcome these hurdles by launching an ecommerce platform that puts consumers in contact with budget-friendly, easily-accessible Australian alternatives to commonly imported goods.

In doing so, we want our brand to become the embodiment of a sincere commitment to local industry and people. Through us, consumers make their choices count. We encourage our visitors to choose Australian alternatives when they make purchasing decisions. Thus they support local businesses and direct their hard-earned dollars back into the Australian economy. 

For Buyers 

As a consumer, you have the power to make meaningful purchasing choices. Where you choose to shop matters deeply. When you buy from a huge multinational corporation, you may be inadvertently supporting unethical business practices. You have no idea into whose hands your money is falling. When you commit to buying local, you know that you’re supporting local businesses, communities, and families. Individual responsibility may be small when it comes to effecting meaningful change, but making your money talk is the best way to show corporations what matters, and what’s acceptable. 

The Benefit of Choosing an Australian Alternative 

There are myriad benefits to choosing an Australian alternative over an imported product. We’ve already suggested that buying Australian made products directly supports the Australian economy. It’s also a great way to “show” corporations what the Australian consumer does and doesn’t accept as far as quality and ethics are concerned. Money talks, as they say. 

Choosing an Australian alternative is usually a more sustainable choice, too! Australia has more stringent environmental regulations than some competing countries. Therefore, we make our products within more sustainable parameters. Additionally, buying on-shore products means that products don’t have to be shipped across oceans thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

There is also increased consumer protection for Australian made products, thanks to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. You can learn more about your rights and guarantees as a consumer here. Generally, you’re entitled to products and services that live up to your expectations and meet your needs. No mess, no fuss, no nonexistent customer service numbers or dodgy online retailers. 

You can browse our deals here. Don’t miss out on these unique offers on some of Australia’s favourite products. Many of our deals last for a short time, so be sure to browse our deals regularly for an Australian alternative to your most-purchased products. 

For Sellers 

Our platform has a lot to offer Australian businesses in terms of reviving domestic manufacturing and passion for local makers. If you want to play a part in reclaiming the domestic marketplace, we want to hear from you. 

Want to Work with Australian Alternative? 

Australian Alternative welcomes you to share your active deals on our website. You set the conditions and help foster an inward-looking community. The process is simple: create an account, set the parameters of your deals, and we handle the rest. The best part, other than nourishing a local need for local products and services, is that you can post your deals for free. 

The Australian Alternative Difference 

The Australian Alternative brand has a deep understanding of the importance of domestic manufacturing. Not only that, but an interest in learning and sharing the stories of manufacturers across the country. 

We’ll be visiting and interviewing stakeholders from a range of manufacturing hubs across Australia throughout the year. Our aim is to share their stories with our visitors to immerse them in a distinctly Australian shopping experience. We all have a story, and sharing it is key to building a stronger community. 

Why You Should Work with Us 

We want to bridge the gap between two primary concerns for domestic businesses: moving slow-moving stock, and championing your brand. Australian Alternative helps you to share your unique and one-off deals with website visitors. Your high-quality products are snapped up for great prices, and your brand recognition and reach is increased in the process. Think of our platform as the Australian alternative to amazon, or the Australian alternative to EBay. But, with better products, better deals, and better promotion! 

If you’re interested in reaching more local buyers, be sure to create your account and contact us to discuss your deals. Together, we can take Australian made goods to new heights and enrich the local economy, one deal at a time. 


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